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Math Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Math - Essay Example Touchy Periods are terms of time during which the power of enthusiasm for explicit articles in nature is at its pinnacle. The affectability and responsiveness to a specific boosts decreases with time. These periods show the opening of expanded formative chance. Math is the information on numbers and related procedures, for example, expansion and deduction, which is naturally learned at beginning times of adolescence and grew bit by bit, through dull activities, perception and experience. It causes the psyche to recognize and relate protests by methods for images and thoughts, for example, shape, space, character, distinction and amount. For instance, a youngster learns degree in numbers, for example, 1,2,3,4, and remembers them as particular elements by including or taking away indistinguishable units. As opposed to the more seasoned showing frameworks, The Teacher portrays another strategy or arrangement of instructing, which esteems instructor as a guide or associating join among objects and the understudy. This framework doesn't depend on objects as an assistance to educator, yet as an assistance to understudy himself with help of the instructor. The job of educator has been adjusted from a functioning corrector of slip-ups to a progressively thorough yet quiet guide, who familiarizes herself with information on articles and afterward directs understudies in utilizing those items all alone, while prefecting learning and keeping up request in the earth. The educator ought to be reasonable enough to encourage requirements of both the more and less created personalities simultaneously. Advancement of Mind portrays the mental self-development in youngsters while connecting with their condition. It is a constant procedure which starts when new sensitivities show up and bit by bit blur until new ones rise, and aides in deliberate scholarly advancement through time. For instance, the capacity to of brain to pick without cognizant purpose shows advancement. Standardization

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How important was Berlin to the development and outbreak of the Cold War, 1945-1961?

The main timeframe we have to take a gander at is the time of 1945, when the Second World War finished. This was likewise the year when the Yalta, in February 1945, and the Potsdam Conference, in July 1945, was hold so as to talk about specific issues and plans that happened or ought to have been done after the finish of war. The pressures, which had lead to the start of the Cold War began to rise all the more seriously at those two gatherings, as there were numerous regions of contradiction between the USA and the USSR. One of the four primary regions of contradiction was Germany. As the Yalta Conference was hold in February 1945 the war against Germany and Japan was still on going yet a finish of all fear was close. Issues that had risen up out of the Tehran Conference, that had been hold in 1943, must be settled at that gathering. It was concurred that that Germany initially must be partitioned into four zones being involved by Britain, France, the USA and the USSR. Germany ought to likewise pay reparations to the nations it had harmed in the mole before, particularly tremendous adds up to Russia as Stalin requested. Notwithstanding, Stalin likewise didn't care for parting Germany into two parts.Could Cold War Have Been Avoided? Germany, by paying colossal measures of cash to Russia and different nations, ought to be debilitated by that so I would not turn into a future danger any longer. Additionally Stalin expected to fund Russia’s modify of the decimations, which it has experienced Nazi Germany in the war. In the year 1952 Stalin despite everything appeared to support the possibility of a unified Germany over which the USSR had no control yet some impact. In any case, there were additionally different elements of contradiction at those gatherings, which caused enormous issues in the connection between the USA and the USSR. Poland for instance end up being more troublesome than Germany. In the long run, the superpowers concurred that the USSR’s requests over Poland’s outskirt in the east would be met. Besides Poland ought to get regional remuneration from Germany. Furthermore Stalin believed that the Allies would have acknowledged Poland’s fundamentally socialist or USSR thoughtful government. In any case, Churchill didn't know about what Stalin planned to do and came back to his solid enemy of socialism by 1945. Adding to that additionally Roosevelt shared this perspective. After Roosevelt’s passing in April 1945 another harsher time towards the Soviet Union began to develop under Truman in intensity of the USA. As the free decisions, which had been chosen to be done in the Yalta Conference, had not occurred in Poland yet Truman wouldn't tune in to Molotov’s clarifications for that. US doubts about Soviet thought processes about a security in Eastern Europe expanded. In any case, at the Potsdam Conference hold in July 1945 the choice for the acknowledgment of Russian designs for Poland was made despite the fact that the issue of Poland was exceptionally mind boggling. Stalin considered it to be an issue affecting the life or the passing of the Soviet Union. Churchill anyway considered it to be a demonstration of respect. Roosevelt had consistently been against the possibility of a Soviet effective reach in Eastern Europe. In Stalin’s perspective anyway Russia required this circle to give security to the Soviet Union. He made stresses over such a circle, as the enhanced US require a â€Å"Open Door† arrangement was presented, including the proposal of not having such ranges of authority. Roosevelt anyway recommended that those contradiction ought to be an issue rather as the war would be finished that during the war. This obviously persuaded or rather gave Stalin an opportunity to guarantee Soviet security interests in Eastern Europe. Aside from contradictions about Poland and Eastern Europe there was additionally a third issue where the USA and the USSR didn't concur with one another. Russia had experienced tremendously repulsive annihilation in the Second World War. As the Axis powers had withdrawn somewhere in the range of 1944 and 1945, they have deserted orderly demolition, obliterating 1,700 towns and 17,000 towns. Because of that Stalin considered financial to be as a need after the war. In any case, Truman took a stab at everything to contain the Soviet force at whatever point it was conceivable. Because of that, at the Potsdam Conference in July 1945, Truman said that the USA would consent to any reparations being paid to Russia by East Germany. In any case, consequently Russia would need to send 60% of the, from West got, merchandise in type of products and crude materials back toward the West once more. In 1944 Russia anyway consented to join the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Be that as it may, when the USSR requested a 6 billion dollar advance in January 1945, the USA said she would possibly concur if the Soviet Union would open its Eastern markets to the US capital. Clearly Russia didn't acknowledge these conditions. However, at the Yalta Conference it was concurred from the two sides that a 10 billion dollar credit from Germany would be acknowledged as a start of the reparations. Be that as it may, as in August 1945 a solicitation for a 1,000 billion dollar advance was disregarded by the US side, the USSR expanded reparation installments from it own Eastern segment. A last purpose of differences or rather contentions was the drop of the A-bomb of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 by the USA. This was an affront of the USSR, as at the Yalta Conference it was concurred that Russia and the USA would end the war with Japan together. It was additionally observed as a refusal to impart new US innovation to the USSR. Truman decided that, so as to forestall any Russian socialist impact in Asia. Stalin deciphered that conduct as showing of a solid USA close to a feeble USSR. Taking a gander at those various variables generally you can say that the most huge issue in the time of 1945 was the dropping of the A-bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in August 1945. Both the USA and the USSR had indicated each other before that they would not cooperate in specific circumstances. In any case, as the USA and the USSR had consented to complete the war with Japan together after Germany would have been crushed however the USA actually finished that issue on its own it obviously intensified the reality of not having any desire to cooperate. Additionally it indicated that there was a kind of rivalry going on as of now and that Truman needed to forestall any Soviet requests for impact in Asia. He needed, beyond what many would consider possible, to contain Soviet power and decrease the Soviet circle. Furthermore we have to take a gander at the timeframe between the long stretches of 1946 and 1949, which were the years soon after the world war when everything was recuperating and Germany was separated into various zones. By taking a gander toward the finish of 1945, we can say, that there were extraordinary debates between the USA and USSR as of now. The West was additionally worried about improvements in the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean, where the US had noteworthy interests. Iran was basically a region of US worry, as the USSR was dreaded to spread its impact there. The USSR likewise answered with saying that they had as much right as the USA to oil. Promptly the Iranian head administrator was encouraged by the American side, which constrained Stalin to withdraw so as to get it of oil concessions. Nonetheless, Stalin was never truly keen on that region which again shows that the opposition and strains were going on and each side attempted to utilize any opportunity for a contention or a contradiction. A similar circumstance of the Soviet chief throwing in the towel occurred in the spring and summer of 1946, when concessions from Turkey were restricted and the Russian head by and by threw in the towel. Notwithstanding, the most noteworthy issues of that timeframe occurred in Europe. To begin with, we take a gander at Germany and the issue of reparations. The two sides dreaded during the virus war the nation would turn out to be a piece of the contrary camp. At the Potsdam Conference it was concurred that Germany ought to be separated into four Allied zones and it should act, as one monetary unit regulated by the ACC. Berlin ought to likewise be divvied into four zones and Germany ought to be disarmed, de-Nazified, democratized, decentralized and de-industrialized. During there were concurrences on that issue, the issue of reparations despite everything appeared to cause issues. Pressures over the political improvements in the Soviet Union began to develop early. The primary territory was monetary, as the USSR bolstered the possibility of a fairly rural nation however the US requested an industrialized Germany. At the Paris meeting of the Council of remote priests, Byrnes chose to test the Soviet co-activity over the Potsdam understandings by the four partners proposing a demonstration that disarmed Germany for the following 25 years. Russia concurred yet at the same time the USA wouldn't discuss the topic of reparations. Further refusals of reparations from the US side were given in July 1945, when Molotov demanded for a 10 billion dollar credit. Moreover requests for reparations were denied again at the Council of Foreign Ministers meeting in Moscow. Besides Russia needed to acknowledge that there would not be delivery of coal and steel to the USSR any longer and that the USSR would need to give back a portion of the assets it previously got by the West. This proposition anyway was dismissed by the USSR. The Soviet Union considered that to be an endeavor to develop the Western Germany economy and in this manner additionally considered it to be another military, potential danger as it may partner to the pretty much foe USA. The gathering of the Council of Foreign Minister in London in December 1947 was decided to bomb even before it occurred as Britain and the USA would not concur on any reparations paid to Russia by Germany. Anyway at this gathering the making of Bizonia was chosen, where Britain and the US would join to make a different West Germany. At that point a large portion of a year later in 1948, France likewise chose to join this agreement and Trizonia developed along with the presentation of the Deutschmark, another cash, which was additionally presented in West Berlin a couple of days after the fact. This obviously was an unmistakable sta

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How to Schedule and Hold Meetings with Investors

How to Schedule and Hold Meetings with Investors Meeting with investors can be an anxious moment for any business owner. Whether you are a new business looking for investment or you are obliged to discuss your business strategy with your existing investors, the situation can seem scary and difficult. © Shutterstock.com | Rawpixel.comIf you wish to guarantee your investor meetings are a success, the below tips will help you approach investor meetings from the right angle. You’ll understand 1) the importance of meeting investors, 2) the way to schedule these meetings, and 3) the dos and don’ts of holding investor meetings.WHY MEET WITH INVESTORS?The best strategies for scheduling meetings with investors depend on the reasons you have for meeting them in the first place. Investor meetings aren’t alike and you need to have your agenda cleared beforehand.There are essentially two different stages for meeting investors. These are:The first stage â€" meeting with potential investorsThe second stage â€" meeting with investors who invested in your businessAs you’ll witness in the later sections, the first stage can be a bit more difficult when it comes to scheduling. You aren’t yet in an established relationship with the investor and therefore, a few of them might not be intere sted in giving you a chance. Essentially the meetings are all about selling your business idea to the investor and to attain them on board with your business venture. You’ll need to prepare well for these meetings, as you are hoping the first meeting you obtain won’t be the last.The second stage involves meetings, which can have different agendas. You can use the meeting to talk about potential issues relating the business, share strategic information about the business with the investor, and talk about the future direction your business should take. Since the investor is now a member of the business, these investor meetings can occasionally be mandatory board meetings, for instance.Why are these meetings important?Scheduling and holding meetings with investors might not sound like a topic worth writing about at first glance. But in fact, investor meetings can be a crucial aspect of business success and you don’t want to consider them as unimportant.Firstly, the importance of successful first stage meetings is rather obvious. If your business needs financing, being able to schedule and hold meetings with investors can be the difference between a successful and a failing business.Indeed, meetings at both of the above stages can clarify your business position. You will be able to attract financing, envisage the value of the company in the eyes of the investors and clear hurdles out of the way.The second stage meetings are also essential in order to prevent problems within the company. Regular meetings with investors can ensure you don’t run into problems too late. Since you now share the ownership of the business, you must consult investors over business decisions. It is often more desirable to discuss these before you finalize your actions, instead of consulting them afterwards.Furthermore, investor meetings are an important aspect of due diligence during both stages. You are able to share vital and necessary information about the business to potential and existing investors to guarantee transparency.In essence, investor meetings are an important part of improving your relationship with investors â€" be it a potential investor or an existing one. These meetings are not just a formal occasion to share business information, but an informal opportunity to build trust. You’ll get to know the investor better, which is a crucial function of a good working relationship.In addition, these meetings can also act as another networking opportunity. Your investor might be able to, in both stages, introduce you to people who are better suited to aide you in certain occasions.HOW TO SCHEDULE INVESTOR MEETINGSOnce you understand the importance, as well as the benefits, of organizing successful investor meetings, you’ll be able to prepare your meetings well. The first function of a successful meeting deals with scheduling the meetings.There’s more to scheduling meetings than picking a date on the calendar. Since the nature of the meetings ch anges whether you are scheduling a first or second stage meeting, here is a glance at both of them separately.Scheduling a first stage meetingSucceeding in scheduling the initial meeting is not an easy task. Professional investors can be a busy lot and they are approached by businesses on a regular basis. In fact, the most successful investors receive a number of pitches a day and knowing the proportion of these investors don’t even read could depress you.This means cold calling and e-mailing investors can be difficult. But this doesn’t mean that it is impossible; so don’t lose hope. But instead of barging in and asking for money in your first e-mail or phone call, start slowly by building a relationship with the investor.In fact, start networking with investors as soon as you get into business. Attend events where you can meet investors and generate these essential connections. When you approach an investor to schedule a meeting, the ability to mention how you’ve met at a c ertain occasion can be a huge advantage.Don’t be afraid to name drop either. If someone close to the investor told you to contact him or her, mention this! Above all, remember that face-to-face contact often works more effectively than simple e-mails.The YouTube video below will highlight some channels for getting to know investors before actual meeting: Once you do get in touch with an investor to schedule a meeting, whether by e-mail or face-to-face, keep these guidelines in mind:Assert your point about scheduling the meeting immediately â€" don’t waste the investor’s time when scheduling. If the investor is already aware of your business, don’t go into too much detail. Simply remind the investor who you are and suggest a further meeting. When you are scheduling a meeting, never give the impression it is about obtaining an investment! Don’t say, “I thought we could meet to discuss your possible investment”. But rather, “I’d love to meet up and continue our discus sion over our business” or “As you are established in the technology sector, it would be great to hear what you think of our new business X”.Provide alternative dates and times â€" For example, instead of asking “Would you like to meet on Thursday at 3pm to discuss further?” you can tell the investor, “I’d be free this Thursday afternoon around 3pm, if you are free or we could chat over lunch on Monday or Tuesday”.  If there are dates, you simply can’t catch, clear these in advance and give reasoning for why you are not free. For example, “I’ll be in New York on Monday for the X marketing seminar, but if you are there or in town we could meet. I’ll be back from the event by Tuesday, so are you free for a lunch?”Propose a date that is relatively close to present time â€" You don’t want to propose a vague “Let’s meet next month” for the investor. This compels them to wonder about your motives for the meeting, “Why not now?”Always allow the investo r to suggest an appropriate alternative â€" While proposing exact dates and times is crucial, you also want to ensure the investor can give his or her own input, instead of simply picking from a list.Scheduling a second stage meetingScheduling second stage meetings can be a bit more straightforward, since you already have an established working relationship with the investor. Nonetheless, it is still crucial to schedule the meetings with the following guidelines in mind.First, you must meet with your investor regularly. If they are members of the board, these meetings can, in fact, be mandatory according to the board rules. However, you don’t want to consider these meetings a mandatory evil, as they are a significant aspect of building a solid relationship with the investor and ensuring your business succeeds.In addition to meeting your investor regularly, make sure you also talk to them on the phone. This is especially important if the investor operates in a different city or reg ion.Furthermore, if you have a number of investors investing in your company, you want to meet them both in-group, as well as individually. Instead of simply having board meetings or other such events for all investors, ensure you also schedule one-to-one meetings.Make sure these meetings are organized regularly and both parties agree to the schedule from the get-go.Second, if you are making changes or scheduling an extra meeting, inform the parties well in advance. Unlike with the first stage meetings, you don’t want to surprise your investors the previous day by calling, “Let’s meet tomorrow at 2pm”. You’d ideally want to give the investor at least a week to schedule and plan the meeting.Furthermore, try to avoid last minute changes. If something unexpected comes up, always inform the investor immediately and apologize for the situation. You don’t want to cancel without a reason and remember to propose another date and time for the meeting.DO’S AND DON’TS OF MEETIN G WITH INVESTORSOnce you have the meeting scheduled, it is time to start thinking the details of the actual meeting. Just as you can’t simply pick up the phone and say, “Hey, let’s meet”, you also can’t just arrive at the meeting and start talking.So, what does a successful investor meeting look like? The best way to understand it is by focusing on these simple do’s and don’ts of a successful meeting.Do’s of meetings with investorsPlan your agenda in advanceAs mentioned above, you can’t just arrive at your investor meeting and discover what might happen. Whether you are approaching a new investor or dealing with existing investors, your meeting should always have an objective you are trying to achieve.In the case of the first stage meetings, this could be to start communicating with the investor and to introduce your business to them. Later meetings with potential investors will move on to building this relationship and eventually to ask for investment.On the secon d stage, you might want to discuss matters, such as problems in sales figures or consider hiring additional staff. Whatever the issue, you must have it defined beforehand and have a desired outcome in mind.In both instances, you want to share this objective with the investor prior to the meeting. This can ensure the investor can prepare for the meeting appropriately, to guarantee the issues you raise don’t come as a surprise. Naturally, especially in stage two meetings, you also want to ask the investor for their objectives.Provide materials beforehandIn a number of cases, the issues you wish to discuss will involve other materials to view over. These could be:First stage meetings â€" Business plan, financial information, background information of the board/ownership of businessSecond stage meetings â€" Company records, financial analysis and other such board materialYou want to send this information to the investor prior to the meeting, besides having extra copies available at th e meeting. For example, you could send a shorter version of your business plan, as you arrange the meeting â€" in fact, investors are unlikely to read a full blown business plan, so don’t bother e-mailing them this. At the meeting, you can have a longer version with you and hand it out to the investor.Follow up the meetingFinally, you always should follow up the meeting, either with a short phone call or e-mail. This is significant in both stages and could ensure the meetings leave a salutary impression to the investor.In the follow up message, you want to:Thank the investor for the meeting â€" This is crucial in the case of potential investors, but also polite conduct with existing investors.Readdress the essence of the meeting â€" In the first stage meetings, this is to recap the main points you discussed and perhaps thank the investor for a specific tip they gave you. On the second stage meetings, this involves the formal requirement of sending minutes of the meeting for the in vestor.Arrange the next meeting â€" You also must add a call to action for the follow-up. If you met a potential investor, you want to say something along the lines, “It was a fruitful discussion, hopefully we could continue it soon. How about next week on Thursday?” In the second stage, you might simply want to remind the investor the pre-agreed meeting is coming up in two weeks, for instance.Don’t of meetings with investorsHide or lieThe biggest mistake you can utter when meeting with an investor is to lie or hide facts. Whether you are nervous about meeting a potential investor or anxious about pleasing your existing investors, lying about facts is never the answer.While majority of business owners might understand the dangers of purposely lying, some might not consider how dangerous it is to hide facts. But you don’t want to keep indispensable information away from the investor â€" eventually, the facts and figures will come out.The investor-owner relationship has much t o do with trust. You can’t build trust if you can’t be transparent over your business.RushYou should also avoid rushing through the meeting. Try to ensure there’s enough time to discuss your objectives. If time is limited, rethink your objective and recognize opportunities for narrowing it for now.Furthermore, there are some specific points about rushing for both first and second stage investor meetings. You should:Never talk money in the first meeting. Don’t set this as your first meeting objective, even though you are ultimately looking for the investment.Don’t rush into your talking points when meeting with investors at the second stage. Small talk is an essential element of fostering fruitful investor relations and you should always leave a bit of time for pleasantries.Pressure the investorFinally, your investor meetings shouldn’t be about convincing the investor to do what you want. You should be excited over your business, the opportunities it could offer for the i nvestor and the strategies you want to implement, but you don’t want to stuff them down the throat of the investor.A salubrious meeting will mean you present your argument, with strong facts supporting your ideas and claims, and the investor provides his opinion and side to the argument. It’s supposed to be a change of ideas and views, not you making a point until the investor agrees with you.CONCLUSIONThe above has hopefully provided you guidelines for scheduling and meeting with investors. It is paramount to prepare, not just the meeting itself, but the way you schedule it and to be firm, yet flexible with the investors.You should always present the investor with a clear opportunity for the meeting, in terms of suggesting an exact date and time, but also be clear about the objectives you want to achieve. At the same time, you want to listen to your investor and provide them the keys to present their own ideas, in terms of date and time, but also the approach they take during t he meeting.Remember that a successful investor meeting doesn’t always mean you achieve all of your objectives. If you don’t receive the investment or your investors don’t agree with your strategy, try to take something positive out of the meeting.

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The History of America Essay - 749 Words

The History of America Although Britains North American colonies had enjoyed considerable prosperity during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, beginning with the Stamp Act in 1765 the British government began to put pressures on them, largely in the form of taxes and new trade restrictions, that increasingly drew resistance. One big reason that the loyal British citizens in North America were transformed into rebels is because of the taxes. It was not the prices of the tax, because Britain had one of the lowest taxes in the world at that time, it was the fact that Parliament had so much representation over them. The British Empire was a mercantile market. They wanted to control everything that was going on in the†¦show more content†¦In early March 1770, on off-duty soldier walked into a ropewalk in search of a job. The proprietor told him using an obscenity-that he could clean the outhouse. The soldier left but returned with his friends, and a small riot began. On March the 5th a group of colonials gathered around the Customs House and began taunting the soldiers, throwing rocks and snowballs at the soldiers, and without warning they began to shoot into the crowd, and became what we know today as the Boston Massacre. These are just some of the reasons that added up during this vulnerable time in our countries history that led to the loyal British citizens in North America being transformed into rebels. I cannot relate to what happened to them in those days but I can understand why they pursued so persistently for their independence from the Mother Country. I think a good place to start would be the population and economic growth of North America prior to 1760. This would be a good place to start seeing that the modern day is vastly made up of these two characteristics. In the colonial days the regions of North America experienced an unprecedented growth in the eighteenth century. Our people must at least be doubled every twenty years, wrote Benjamin Frank lin. In 1700 there were 290,000 colonists North of Mexico; fifty years later they had grown to approximately 1.3 million, an average growth rate of about 3 percent. This is an important time in our countries history because good amounts ofShow MoreRelatedThe History Of America928 Words   |  4 Pagescalled, humans, have agreed to help me repair my ship. I have made an alliance with the government to stay disguised as a human so long as they allow me to travel over this land to learn its history and its people. The name The United States of America is so powerful and I wanted to know all about the history of its culture, people, and food. If you are an American, you are more than likely an United States citizen. I have learned The United States is home to many different nationalities. AmericansRead MoreThe History of America1061 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ American History 1865-1900 Introduction Two major historical turning points during the post-Civil War period (1865-1900) were the dramatic rise of industrial America (industrialization) and the development of the American West. This paper reviews and critiques those developments Two major turning points: the rapid growth of American industry settlement of the West. The Library of Congress (LOC) reports that the U.S. emerged after the Civil War as an industrial giant; the industries thatRead MoreHistory And Its Impact On America1289 Words   |  6 PagesMany points in history are very important because of how they happened and what effects those historical events made possible in the future. Without history America would not know where we came from or how we got to where we are today. History helps us as Americans make decisions that could improve our future as a country, because without history to lead us in the right direction we could constantly make the same mistakes over and over again. There are many important times in history that greatly influencedRead MoreThe Early History Of America892 Words   |  4 Pages American History to 1877 Last Name First Name Date â€Æ' The early history of America begins with the journey of Christopher Columbus in 1492, when he first discovered the lands of America along with the residing few Native people. These indigenous American Indians were a vital component of the society of the United States. Soon after 1600, the colonial culture began to start with the arrival of the European colonists from England, Spain, and France. The Spanish established their settlementsRead MoreAmerica, A Narrative History Essay1425 Words   |  6 Pagesand David Emory Shi called, â€Å"America, A Narrative History.† Each chapter told the reader a narration of the history of America, as opposed to an expository version of America’s history. Each chapter had its own main idea over a portion of history, along with many details that cover the importance of the main idea. As a reader, one may obtain a deeper appreciation for the country s history, prior to entering the class on the first day. The most important aspect of history, besides the battles that areRead MoreAmerica And Its Bloody History1502 Words   |  7 PagesAmerica and It’s Bloody History In history we have seen many events, many changes. From slavery being introduced to the Americas in 1619 as a viable source of free labor in a growing territory with its newly founded cash crop, tobacco. To the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 freeing these slaves of their labor obligations allowing for a chance at pursuit of happiness. This is a great example, in my opinion, of positive growth in liberties and humankind. Yet not all occurrences lead to an adaptingRead MoreThe History Of Marijuana Of America Essay1121 Words   |  5 PagesWorld History December 5, 2016 The History of Marijuana in America In America there are a lot of problems, ranging from violence to obesity. A growing concern of many Americans is the drug â€Å"epidemic† with the growth of the war on drugs. Marijuana, throughout history, has been demonized and illegalized, however now a newfound acceptance of the drug is growing rapidly with some states fully legalizing the drug recreationally, and others medically. Marijuana has a deep history in America, beingRead MoreReflection On The History Of America961 Words   |  4 PagesInto the Wild and Wild as well as which movie spoke to me more. This semester I have learned more than I thought I would. I learned about the history of America in a very different way. I have read many books about the history of America but never have I read it in the way that these authors presented it by putting nature first. Those history books talked about the impact the changes had on the population. I had never thought of the impact the Europeans had on the land. My attitudesRead MoreHistory Of North America1126 Words   |  5 PagesIn standard one we covered seven sections that talked about how North America looked after and before the Revolutionary War. In 1.1 we went over how North America was separated between the Spanish, French, Dutch, and English and the distinctions between the four cultures. We mainly went over the 13 colonies of the English and how they were separated by regions. In 1.2 we talked about the events that led up to the Revolutionary War and the events that happened during the war. In 1.3 and 1.4 we discussedRead MoreThe History of Terrorism in America1861 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Terrorism in America tends to be a product of many issues, population as well as conflict that has co-existed within the nations borders. Uniquely United State has been known for its ability to contain multitudes in relative harmony. According to investigations, majority of terrorism in the history of America is motivated by an extreme distrust of the ideal American democracy that has given opportunity for every individual to claim loyalty to, in addition to benefiting from American

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Religion or Science Essay - 670 Words

Great is our fear of the unknown. Titus Livius made this statement in a time when science and religion were one and the same; a time when pagan mysticism gracefully intertwined itself in the sparse gaps of scientific knowledge. The two have since diverged and people-- society-- have had to make a choice: will science, or religion, sate the innate curiosity borne by human beings? This is a question that haunted me for the first fifteen years of my life, a question I constantly pondered. As a young boy, one could say I was a religious person; certainly, my parents wanted me to be religious and I trusted in that judgment. I attended church, if begrudgingly at times, and trusted in the information given to me during the sermons. But,†¦show more content†¦These answers frustrated with me; I begin to become disenfranchised with the whole process of leaning on this one catch-all answer. The frustration of constantly being out of the know began to irk me. For years, I had relied on the Churchs knowledge to help me understand the world I lived in; not just spiritually, but physically, too. More and more the institution of religion failed to answer my queries and more and more I became vexed by the limited knowledge offered to me. I began to distance myself from the Church-- as an institution-- it could no longer serve my needs, nor could I serve its needs. I searched for a replacement; yearned for a tool powerful enough to quench the insatiable quest for knowledge so innate in man. I finally found this replacement, in the powerful; elegant process known as science. Up until this point in my life science was something to be learned; not to be used. I learned that the planets revolved around the sun, how weather patterns were formed and what one could find in a plant cell. Science was not the abstract thing that I know it as today, it was merely a study of objectives: like history it was a static amalgamate of knowledge to be learned, and learn it I did. What I did not learn was how to truly tap into the power science has to offer. Not until my needs outgrew religion did I truly understand what science can offer me: explanations--Show MoreRelatedRelationship Between Science And Religion Essay2131 Words   |  9 PagesThe relationship between science and religion as Western categories of thought has long been fraught with tension; academics suggest that the conflict between religion and science arose in the 17th century, as a result of the Galileo Affair, and continued into the 18th century Age of Enlightenment. Others, however, suggest that the dispute between the two systems of belief may even be traced as far back as classical antiquity. Even today, it is clear that tensions endure between academics unableRead MoreReligion and Science Need Each Other935 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.† This famous quote was spoken by a man even more famous for his scientific works in the fields of physics and mathematics. Albert Einstein, famous scientist, is found here stating that without religion science is, essentially, useless. Surely it is impossible for a man so accomplished in the scientific field to seriously consider the possibility of God? Certainly, we live in a time where there has been much condemnation and ridiculeRead MoreLife of Pi: the Correlation Between Science and Religion Essay1582 Words   |  7 PagesMs. Ciufo ENG-3U1 Wednesday, April, 28, 2010 Life of Pi: Correlation between Science and Religion One of the most important dichotomies that exist amongst today is Science versus Religion. A dichotomy that started in the renaissance era, a period when people started questioning, looking to other horizons, other than religion and truly began to comprehend reality. The theme of Science versus Religion is portrayed in a great deal in the novel Life of Pi. In Life of Pi, Yann Martle utilizesRead MoreReligion : Science And Religion1273 Words   |  6 PagesScience and religion were based back in modern days to be the answer to everyone, and society as a whole to handle their issues through the church majority of the time, until science came along and changed the perspective of everyone’s outlook on how they were to solve their conflicts. Within the world today they both still exist and are still being put to use for its main purpose which is to create answers to things we face that need a solution. I believe Religion started inRead MoreScience And Religion755 Words   |  4 PagesAre science and religion related? If so, how are they related? What is the importance of them in human lives? I believe, science and religion are related to each other. The relationship between them has been debated for several years. Science is linked to the material, while religion is worried about spirituality (Vikas, 2012). Humans depend on both religion and science not one or the other. In spite of being different from each other, science and religion are related and linked to each other. ScienceRead MoreQuestions On Religion Of Science925 Words   |  4 PagesCONCLUSION Religion of Science Ernest Holmes asks us to consider three general classifications of knowledge: 1. Science: â€Å"†¦ the organized knowledge of natural law and its application to life.† 2. Philosophy: â€Å"†¦ the opinions one holds about the world, life, and reality.† 3. Religion: â€Å"†¦ any man’s belief about his relationship to the invisible universe.† â€Å"We might speak of a pure religious science as we would speak of a pure natural science, which means the study of natural causes. We might speakRead MoreThe Between Religion And Science810 Words   |  4 PagesAll that I have ever known and believed in is now being questioned. It is transitioning into some sort of enormous trial – between religion and science. I have been taught to accept the religious, social, and political ideas that the Catholic Church has devised upon the world. For years, humans have believed and used Aristotle’s theory which explained Earth’s position in the universe. By the geocentric theory, Earth was said to be located at the center of the universe. The moon, the sun, and theRead MoreInfluence Of Science And Religion1564 Words   |  7 Pages1. Q) Compare and contrast the influence of science and religion in the development of humanity. Discuss both the positive and the negative. A) The systematic testing of observations, and the belief of something larger than ourselves, have been part of the human experience since time began. Both science and religion have influenced human thought and civilization. When a question could not be answered by time and observation, people fell back on spiritual explanationsRead MoreScience and Religion Essays808 Words   |  4 PagesScience and religion have always been in conflict with one another because they each represent complete opposite ideals, science is about how nature controls how the universe works and religion is about how God controls how the universe works. In the five models on science and religion I believe that Conflict best describes the relationship between the two. Conflict tells how either science is completely right and religion is wrong or the other way around and that religion and science are completelyRead MoreEvolution Of Science And Religion1179 Words   |  5 PagesWhen comparing science and reli gion there has been a great rift. As long as humanity has believed in a creator there as always been thinkers trying to quantify and evaluate the truth behind religion, trying to disprove or prove a supernatural force. The ancient Greeks were pioneering philosophers which started the great rift we see in the early development of scientific and quantified analysis. This was first started by Aristotle whuch believed that science was a process of trying to understand

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Why Was Hitler Appointed Chancellor in January 1933 Free Essays

Why was Hitler appointed Chancellor in January 1933 On the 30th January 1933, one of the most important events of the twentieth century occurred, Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party, became Chancellor of Germany. From its foundations as a small, anti-communist party in the aftermath of World War I it was now the leading political party in Germany. Hitler would eventually become Fuhrer and provoke a second world war. We will write a custom essay sample on Why Was Hitler Appointed Chancellor in January 1933 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Hitler’s rise to power was based upon long term factors and can not be attributed to one event but a mixture of factors including events occurring outside Germany, the strengths of the Nazi party, the weakness of the other parties within Germany, resentment in the German people, the weakness of the Weimar system which he took advantage of through propaganda, the terror of his storm troopers and the fineness of his speeches. Hitler used these factors to his benefit and in 1933 he legitimately gained power to become chancellor. November 1923 was when Hitler first tried to seize power in the Munich Putsch he marched to Berlin with his followers to take over control but they never actually left Munich. During this time 16 Nazi’s were killed and 3 policemen. Although Hitler went to prison for this, he used this time to dictate his book ‘Mein Kampf’, he had show trials which boosted propaganda and became an almost celebrity. Hitler was meant to be in jail for 5 years, but was let out after 9 months. By now he was already starting to catch the attention of the public – a strong nationalist leader appealed to them. In 1929 the American Stock Exchange collapsed and caused an economic depression this was called the Wall Street Crash and led to America calling in all of its foreign loans, which in turn destroyed Weimar Germany. Unemployment then rose to 6 million in Germany. The government cut expenditures, wages and unemployment pay and they started to print more money, by now Germany was in a really bad state and no one knew how they would get themselves out of this rut. Many workers turned to communism which inevitably frightened wealthy businessmen who ‘fueled the fire’ by giving Hitler the money to run his propaganda election campaigns. Deep anger about the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles created an underlying bitterness to which Hitler’s viciousness and expansionism appealed. Nazi propaganda persuaded the German masses to believe that the Jews were to blame and that Hitler was their last hope. In fact, there were many people in Germany who wanted a return to dictatorship. Hitler was a brilliant speaker; he was a good organiser and politician. He was a driven, unstable man, who believed that he had been called by God to become dictator of Germany and rule the world. This kept him going when other people might have given up. His self-belief persuaded people to believe in him. Propaganda alone was a really important factor in Hitler’s rise to power, it ‘brainwashed’ the German people into electing them through techniques of persuasion and reinforced existing attitudes and beliefs. Parades, symbols, uniforms, banners, bands and the marching columns of the SA attracted attention and interest. Germans turned to Nazism because they were desperate, the number of Nazi seats in the Reichstag rose from 12 in 1928 to 230 in July 1932. In November 1932 elections the Nazis again failed to get a majority of seats in the Reichstag. Their share of the vote fell – from 230 seats to only 196. Franz von Papen who was the current Chancellor could not get enough support in the Reichstag, therefore Hindenburg and von Papen were having to govern by emergency decree under Article 48 of the Constitution and offered Hitler the post of vice-Chancellor if he promised to support them. Hitler refused – he demanded to be made Chancellor, so Von Papen and Hindenburg took a risk believing that by having only 2 other Nazis they would be able to keep control. Many people believe that Hitler took control by force but, in actual fact, he was given it. How to cite Why Was Hitler Appointed Chancellor in January 1933, Essay examples

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Brutus An Honorable Man Essay Research Paper free essay sample

Brutus, An Honest Man Essay, Research Paper Brutus, Honorable Man Brutus, an honest plotter? Honorable is defined as genuine, true and exposing unity while a plotter is defined as one that ingages in an understanding to perpetrate an illegal or unlawful act. Anyone can clearly see that these two words do non belong together. There are besides other grounds why Brutus should non be considered honest. In the drama three distict act can be recalled. The first dishonourable act Brutus commits is non standing up for what he believes to be true. He agrees to kill Caeser merely because Cassius convinces him that it must be done. Brutus did non mind Caeser until Cassius filled his caput with all that stuff. Although he didn T want Caeser to hold the Crown, he did non really see killing his old comrade until a good house speaking to from Cassius. Before speaking to Cassius Brutus really believed Caeser to be semi-noble. We will write a custom essay sample on Brutus An Honorable Man Essay Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page After a conversation with Cassius nevertheless, he viewed Caeser to be ambitious. If Brutus would hold rejected Cassius proposal and stood up for what he believed in, so he could be viewed as an honest adult male. The 2nd henious act Brutus commits is slaying on his beloved friend Caeser. After perpetrating the offense he said # 8220 ; If there be any in this assembly, any beloved friend of Caeser s, to him I say that Brutus love to Caeser was no less than his # 8221 ; . Brutus killed his beloved friend because of aspiration. If merely today s leaders had some aspiration! He said that he love Rome more than Caeser and that is why he commited one of the most dishon orable acts a humn being can perpetrate. After the act, Antony suitably and sardonically called Brutus an honest adult male. Unlike Brutus, Antony knew what award was. Even though Brutus knew that Caeser had turned down the Crown three times, he still felt he was to ambitious to govern over Rome. If lone Brutus would hold had a flat caput on his shoulders like Antony. If anyone can name a liquidator honest, allow them be known. The 3rd and concluding act Brutus commited that left him with a dishonourable image, was that he ran and so killed himself merely to avoid conflict. In early Rome a adult male was thought to be baronial and weather if he fell from an enemy s blade, non if he ran and commited suicide. Any baronial adult male would hold found another manner. Suicide is the most fearful and selfish manner to fall and that is why it is a fitting terminal to one of Rome s most dishonourable citizens. By perpetrating this act Brutus avoided any broil he may hold received from Octavious and Antony had he lived. Alternatively of acquiring a house speaking to, his decease may hold tricked everyone into believing that he felt compunction for his offense. This may be true because toward the terminal of the drama Antony sais # 8221 ; This was the noblest Roman of them all # 8221 ; . Although Cowardly, perpetrating self-destruction may hold been the most intellegent move Brutus could hold made. He may non hold been honest but he did cognize how to acquire himself out of a jam. So, Brutus, an honest adult male? After weighing the facts, a individual has to inquire themselves. If one can name a murdering, suicidal, cabaling follower honest, so allow it be known, Brutus was an honest adult male.